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Cowboyonhorse The Oak Ridge Outlaws is a Cowboy Action Shooting® (CAS) club based at the Oak Ridge Sportsmen's Association (ORSA) Range in Oak Ridge, TN. and is part of the Action Pistol Club. The Oak Ridge Outlaws is an affiliate of the Single Action Shooters Society (SASS). If you would like to learn a little more about SASS® just click here. If you would like to learn more about the Oak Ridge Outlaws and ORSA browse around these pages and links. You'll find scores from past shoots and the latest news. There is a Discussion Board for the Oak Ridge Outlaws on the Action Pistol Club Forum.

CAS Matches are held the 2nd Saturday of every month!

The Match starts immediately following the Mandatory safety meeting scheduled for 9AM.

All SASS Rules Apply!

For Range Specific Rules click here.

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This Months Match Reports click here.

Our match usually consists of 5 stages. Targets are steel falling plates and reactive targets placed from 7-25 yards. Bring approximately 50 rounds of pistol ammunition, 50 rounds of rifle (pistol caliber) ammunition, and 25 shotgun shells (lead #7 maximum size). Always bring a little extra ammo, just in case.

Guns needed are 2 pistols (single action), 1 rifle of pistol caliber (pump, or lever action), and 1 shotgun (pump, double or lever in 20, 16, or 12 gauge) that are period correct. If you don't have all the gear, don't worry we usually have shooters happy to loan them.

Remember that eye and ear protection is required...so bring your ear plugs and safety glasses.

New shooters and visitors are always welcome.

We usually shoot straight through without a break. After the steel is returned to the storage building and the range is cleaned up everyone is welcome to meet at one of the local facilities for food and socializing. The location is announced each month at the announcements right before the safety briefing.